Are you struggling to lead yourself, let alone others?

You can balance the voices of others with the need to make difficult decisions – without sacrificing your authority.

You want to be a good leader – one who understands that voices need to be heard in order to create balance. You are truly interested in what the others think, and wish that there was a way to combine all their crazy-different perspectives into some form of digestible wisdom.

I work with leaders who are overwhelmed by constant pressure. If that’s you, my leadership coaching programme can help you recover your big-picture thinking, compassion, and authority.

This may be useful to you if …

  • You want to take your leadership to the next level, but have no idea where to start
  • You know there is great wisdom among the conflicting voices, if only you could capture it
  • You need to include your staff – including the naysayers – in your vision
  • You want to improve efficiency without spending more
  • Your reports struggle to agree within themselves, let alone between each other
  • The pressure has been rising for a while, and the organisation isn’t addressing it

Perhaps you would like to …

  • Find ways to have difficult conversations that produce valuable and positive results
  • Hear the painful feedback and criticisms without it being so exhausting
  • See others’ point of view, and have them see yours
  • Be inclusive in your style, even with those who disagree with you
  • Encourage alignment between and within teams

Leadership coaching by James KnightI’m James Knight. I’ve been helping people deal with incoming pressure for over a decade now. Yes, there are better, more graceful ways to lead yourself, your teams, and your organisations.

I offer leadership coaching programmes to help you find your best way of dealing with pressure – whether it shows up as conflict with others, self-doubt, procrastination – in a way that feels clean and effective (rather than slick or unfulfilling). My goal is simple: to help you make a bigger difference in the world with less exhaustion – and to help you do it in a way that feels wonderful.

“In short, this is about being a leader, from the inside out.”