I am a martial artist who has led IT teams across sectors

and found those teams far more challenging than my martial studies!

Leadership training with James Knight Coaching

Finally, I succumbed to my fascination with leadership conflict within teams and started coaching those struggling with pressure.

I view leadership as a spiritual act, where we have the opportunity to step up and act in accordance with our deepest core. Anything less is dishonest and belittles both us and those around us. Leadership ā€“ no matter how difficult ā€“ should be deeply energising and life-enhancing.

I started this work after noticing how different I felt when studying the martial art of Aikido compared to practising my job: my enthusiasm was boundless, I was joyful, and I could bear the pain of being overwhelmed. It dawned that this was a felt-sense that I could feel wherever I chose, if I made the same physical adjustments to my body: by changing my posture, I could change my attitude, and recover the sense of ease, compassion, and direction that I experienced on the mat.

When Iā€™m not helping business leaders, I study leadership in the context of parents, children and schools, by developing programmes for those groups (after all, I am a parent, a child, a teacher and a student).

I also work in partnership on a number of leadership and coaching projects, and building community for students of embodied leadership.

And now for a little poetry: John O'Donohue’s Blessing for Leaders …