The Fine Art of Failure

A few weeks ago, I started admitting my failures to the world.

For the most part, they were nods towards the smaller self-inflicted irritations that tend to shape the day even without us noticing – that work like the first wash of a watercolour painting by adding a subtle colour that affects and shades everything that is subsequently painted over it.

Three things happened during the course of the experiment. Firstly, I started looking for failures, and feeling a small sense of success when something went wrong – “great, I can facebook that!”

Secondly, I didn’t want to whinge and complain, so when I wrote them down, I found the humour in them that I hadn’t previously noticed – which made the very process of expressing much more fun than I anticipated.

Thirdly, I got responses, and they were always laughing along with me, or encouraging me, or supporting me. It seemed that other people are much more forgiving than I tend to be on myself.

So – after finding myself many times stuck from fear of failing (“The apple unbitten in the palm”) – I’ve found that failing both is an expression of humanity and facilitates others’ expressions too. Hey ho.

It begs the question – how have you failed today?

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