Overcoming Uncertainty

Aikido is a constant, delightful study. It challenges me to try my best, and yet constantly displays my errors and weaknesses. How ironic then, that one of the principles is to “Perform with confidence”.

Cutting Myself into Shape

Daily practice: standing tall Thank goodness the sun’s arrived! Today started out misty and cool, bordering on cold. By supper time it was hot and bright, neighbours on both sides were out, and everything was just fine.

Comfortable with Conflict

No matter how meek and mild I might consider myself, there will always be times that I need to stand up for something or push back, and just get used to the fact of the conflict. And sometimes, that’s still a profoundly uncomfortable experience. So how can I make it less so?

Of Time, Space, and Other Stories

I’ve studied Aikido for long enough to come up with a theory about it: I think it is a study of how to bend time and alter space. Time-travelling There are tales of O’Sensei – the founder of Aikido – bamboozling his students by disappearing and reappearing behind them, so much so that they thought he was supernaturally travelling between dimensions. What if they were right? What if it’s possible to have such an exquisite sense of timing that you move out of the way of an attack at an impossibly last moment?

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