Coaching & Training Services

My guess is that you’re already a competent leader, but sometimes that competence deserts you. You’re already aware how you would like to be; what you could achieve if you could line all your ducks up. And, right now, you could benefit from the perspective that my coaching & training programmes offer.

I currently offer one-on-one coaching and group training programmes. I am also available to talk to groups.

Individual Coaching

Coaching is “a relationship in which one person is primarily dedicated to serving the long-term development of effectiveness and self-generation in the other” ~ Doug Silsbee

If you would like to find out more about individual coaching with me, please contact me.

Training Programmes

The group programmes develop presence, confidence, and grace when under pressure. They help us understand how we listen and speak to each other; how we show up as leaders and followers, and the effect we have on others. Learn how my training programmes are highly experiential, and why they do not involve PowerPoint.


  • become a more insightful & inclusive leader
  • deepen your capacity to listen and to communicate simply and effectively
  • hold the big picture while attending to detail
  • experience stability and openness under pressure
  • increase your capacity for dignity and generosity
  • have access to more energy
  • understand and gain access to “the flow” state
  • uncover the wisdom of your intuition

Talks & Presentations

I don’t believe in talking at people. I prefer an interactive session, engaging body, mind and humour. I offer presentations exploring how our bodies support our message through presence; how congruence is the result of physical and emotional alignment, and how this experience can benefit you.

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