I work with leaders under pressure:

You might be an enthusiastic new manager who doesn’t know quite where to start, a seasoned manager who’s struggling to keep pace with the speed of change, a bright thinker whose message doesn’t quite grab the hearts of the others. You might be a leader already doing a brilliant job AND you want to take it further.

In my experience, most leaders care for the well-being of their teams but struggle to balance that with getting things done or making difficult decisions. They see others settle for efficiency over humanity and despair of achieving their goals in a way that feels in line with their personal integrity.

There is an either-or mentality: you can be a successful leader or a nice person. You can make decisions based on the data, or follow your gut. Both of these choices impoverish those who make them. As humans we are multi-faceted beings, and reducing our decision-making processes to anything less than our full experience is a loss.

Perhaps you are a producer bringing together creative and technical staff, and struggling to help them understand each other.

Or you’re in finances, and don’t know how to persuade the rest of the company to follow your lead – the bottom line turns out not to be so much of a motivator.

Or you’re a parent and wonder how you can bring your joyful playfulness with your child in to the workplace to lighten it up a bit.

With the continually-increasing challenges of doing business, we need successful leadership like never before. People want to lead healthy and sustainable lives, and want that to be true in how they work too. This means finding and creating alternatives within your work and your life. It means being able to get your job done, brilliantly and humanely.

As responsibility and compassion grow within us, they naturally expand outward into leadership. Leadership in its positive sense willingly generates energy in a way that is caring and inspirational. A good leader tends to be positive, confident, and considerate in situations. Ideally, this confidence has a magnetic quality that inspires, rather than forces, people to participate in the task at hand. Our capacity for sustaining compassion under pressure can be a model, an inspiration, for others. ~ Wendy Palmer, in The Practice of Freedom

I hope you’ll find the articles and services here useful to you in your leadership endeavour.

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