Foundational Leadership Programme

This programme gives participants a crucial insight into their own reactive patterns of behaviour under stress, as well as showing creative ways to respond. It encourages an aligned presence based on what is truly important, building greater resilience.

This is not a PowerPoint-based programme. Instead, it creates an embodied experience – showing participants how their mind/body connection affects how they communicate, collaborate and pursue their goals. The tools and practices – derived from mindfulness and martial arts – give immediate physical feedback, powerfully revealing habitual reactive patterns. Through physical experience participants discover how they can be more creative, more powerful, more fully embodied as leaders.

If you are interested in receiving this training or having it adapted to your specific circumstances, please get in touch.

Module Elements
Basic centring
  • understanding stress, reactive patterns, and what triggers them
  • learning how to centre whilst under pressure
  • embodying inclusivity: “we’re all in this together”
Giving and receiving feedback
  • what gets in the way of effective communication
  • receiving unskillful feedback skillfully
  • stating your case without coming across as aggressive
Keeping on target
  • keeping one eye on the target, the other on the obstacles
  • chunking the work down, pacing
  • handling future challenges in the present
Seeing others’ point of view
  • respectful opposition – how to be comfortable with disagreement
  • time and space – learning the right time to talk, to listen, and to act
  • really seeing someone else’s point of view
Connecting with others and releasing
  • dealing with incoming pressure, e.g. continuous demands on your time
  • why making a real connection is important
  • connecting rapidly, effectively, and then moving on to the next task
Leading and following
  • leadership styles
  • embodying responsive leadership
Success and failure
  • preparing for success
  • responding to success and failure like

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